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Happy Holidays!

Your teacher friendly cloud application!

Join today and take full advantage of the following features:

- Agenda/Events Manager
- Cloud Storage for your documents
- Class Management
-Tasks and Notes Tracking
- Evaluation and Students Marks Management
- Daily Attendance Reporting
- Cloud Solution with multiple device access (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry 10)
- Secure with sensitive information encrypted.
- And much more!

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Features and benefits for today's teachers

When you Sign Up, you facilitate your day to day routine!

  • Here are some examples:
  • We welcome you every morning with your Dashboard and your Daily Planning.
  • Start your day with the Daily Attendance feature which allows you to track and take notes on each student.
  • Get all your Agenda, Notes and Reminders in the same place, available on all your devices (We support Mac,PC and major smartphones*).
  • Manage your Classes and Students.
  • List the Subjects your are teaching for each Class and track results per Subject.
  • Manage your evaluations/quizes. Track the results and get reports with Students' averages, Class average then export your reports to a PDF or into Excel for more data manipulation.
  • You no longer need for a USB/Flash drive! You get 5GB of Private Cloud Storage for your documents, tests, pictures and all your other teaching needs.
  • Flexible teaching parameters such as: define your own scale for A-B-C marks, define your semesters and terms.
  • Interactive support: You suggest, we listen! Our support system allows you to suggest new features and request help. Members of the community can also vote on your suggestions. This process helps us improve the application based on your needs.

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